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August 2015

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Writer's Block: Old enough ...

No, because a lot of parents won't let them take it if they know because they consider it the same as telling them it's okay to have sex or they think that allowing them to take birth control is the same giving them permission to get distracted from school or get pregnant as a teenager. The fact of the matter is that you can't stop them from having sex, if there's a will, there's a way. But if they aren't given the proper knowledge and education about sex, they're more likely so end up pregnant or catch and STD. The number of teens catching STD's is on the rise, so give them access to birth control and proper sex education The more they know about it, the more likely they will be to think things over a bit more before having sex. Some also just want to take it, not because they're planning on having sex, but to be safe if they end up having unplanned sex. Also, preventing pregnancy isn't the only reason why teens and women are prescribed birth control. My friend was put on it due an ovarian disorder. I also knew a girl when I was in high school, whose doctor wanted to put her on birth control for other medical reasons, though I don't remember what they were, and her mom was completely against it because she thought that letting her go on birth control would be giving her license to have sex. She ended up going on six months later without her mother's knowledge and she was a very shy girl she didn't even start dating let alone having sex until she was in her 2nd year of university, despite the fact that by then, she had already been on birth control for four years. Also, if I had been considering having sex with someone while I was a teenager, I wouldn't have asked my mom to put me on birth control, not because I think that she wouldn't have let me, but because I've never been comfortable bringing up the subject with her.