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August 2015

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Writer's Block: You and me and baby makes three

Do you think having children is a fundamental human right? Should there should be any restrictions?

Having children has often times been considered a fundamental human right, however, you have to think about all the children growing up miserable, often times with no apparent future to grow up to. There are children going hungry, without homes, or homes that they would be better off being removed from. All those people spending who knows how much money on fertility drugs or surrogates, furthering the overpopulation of our planet. There are so many children out there already who need homes, why don't we give those children homes before we start bringing more children into this world. If you want kids, adopt some. Also, give yourself some financial security before having kids, so many people get married and decide to have kids without considering the real costs of raising a child, I'm not saying that you have to be rich or anything, but establish some form of financial security, really look at the costs of raising a child, do your best to make sure that your kid will be taken care of, that you won't have to worry about when the next paycheck is going to come in, also try to ensure that you won't be so busy working that you won't even be around most of the time. Now, obviously things happen and circumstances change.